English-Camp 2016

In this report I want to talk about the English Camp, which was organized by our class, the 10G.

 In this report I want to talk about the English Camp, which was organized by our class, the 10G. The English Camp is a camp for 30 to 35 students from the sixth grade. The camp took place in a youth hostel in the village Stein at the Baltic Sea. In this year, the children went there from the 14th to the 17th of June.
In our school, the students don't talk a lot of English in their English lessons, so we, the older pupils and also the teachers just talk English to the children and also to each other. It is the aim of the camp that they try to speak more English and also improve it. The main question is "Was Project 6 a success? ", and I think it was. I will focus on the new concept of the school, our preparation and the time in 6th grade, the teamwork and how especially my work will be continued.
I hope, you will enjoy my report. Have fun by reading!

2) Previous work
At the beginning of "Project 6"almost all of us went into classes from the sixth grade. Taylor, Nele and I went into the 6a. In our school there is a new concept of learning. It's called "free working" and they do it in "Lernwerkstatt". The children don't have normal lessons like we do, they get works plans and every child is able to work in her/his own speed. At the beginning of every lesson, they do a chair circle and talk about what they want "to do today". They can decide on which subject they want to work, like for example English, Math or German. The children are also able to decide, when they want to take their tests. In the lessons there is always a teacher, who can help the children. But they can also work in learn groups or with their learn partner so that they can help each other or "think together". At the end of every lesson, all students play an educational game.
I think that this concept doesn't work so well because I also worked with this concept in math and it was just very difficult for me.
At first we just watched the English lessons in the 6a, looked how the kids worked and I recognized that this workplace concept really doesn't work for everyone the same way. A few students worked really seriously, but many other children just didn't care about the lesson. What I think is really good is, that Mrs. Mierow tries to mix-up her lessons and all of them do stuff together and don't only work on their work plans only.
Then Taylor and I did a little lesson in our class about sights in London and Harry Potter sights in London. At first, we watched a little clip about sights in London and then we did a little game of memory with the name of the sight, a picture and a little description, which we prepared in our (Profil-) lessons. We also did a little Harry Potter quiz with them and asked them a few questions. It went okay because I was a little nervous and the children were tired because it was in 7/8 period. Then we went there a lot of times and just helped them and watched the lessons. In this time the children didn't always want to talk to us. I don't know why, but sometimes when I asked them, if they need help, they just didn't answer or said "Oh no, I don't need help anymore".
In our profile lessons, when we prepared the camp, I often didn't have anything to do because my job was to take pictures of the trip and help to prepare the breakfast and the little cards for the house and for this I didn't need a lot of time because we were able to do it really quickly. When I had nothing to do, I did other stuff like, for example, (Profil-) diary or I helped the others with their tasks for the camp, for example, I helped Hanna to search for magical words for her lesson.

3) The main project
In the camp, I think, I was productive because I took pictures all the time, did breakfast in the morning, went to the beach with the children a lot of times and helped wherever help was needed. But sometimes, when somebody asked for help and I wanted to help, the people said they don't need help any more, which was a little bit strange, but okay. I think we did the breakfast well, but on the last day it was so stressful, because I had to do a lot of stuff alone. Because of this and because we had different opinions very often and weren't able to come to a good solution, I think, that our teamwork in the breakfast group wasn't that good. Actually, I think that the reason why our teamwork wasn't really good was that some people did a lot of the work, for example Hanna and Anna, and other people didn't really care ...
I took a lot of pictures, over 1.200!!! And I think there are some really good pictures. I have the feeling, that the other girl, who also had the job to take pictures, took good pictures as well, but more of our class and not of the children, which, in my opinion, was the main task. I also took part in the game "capture the flag", which was so much fun in the water and I think also the 6 graders had a lot of fun. The other time we played "capture the flag"I didn't play because I wanted to take some pictures of the game. I also helped Hanna with the points for the different houses (Slytherin ...).
All in all, I think everybody did something or tried to improve the camp but like I said before, some people did a lot more than other people. I think almost everybody tried his/her best like for example Taylor, Joel and Jasper in the kitchen did a great job by cooking for 62 people which wasn't easy. Also Anna and Hanna were really good doing all the announcements. In my opinion we all did an amazing job talking English the whole week.

4) Further work
This week I will continue my work with the pictures by searching for the best 100 photos of the week for the slideshow and put some more pictures on the internet platform. I also will give some of my photos to Louisa so she can put them into the camp magazine.
I think, for the picture job, I wouldn't do anything different, but for breakfast I would do a lot of things in a different way. Like, for example, prepare more and look every day what we need for the next day, so that we don't have the situation that we don't have any butter or milk in the morning. I also would make a plan before the camp starts how to set up the cheese and all this stuff on the tables so that there is a fair number of cheese or butter on the tables. And our teamwork needs to be improved but I think that this always depends on with which people you work.
I would really like to go again next year because it was so much fun and the children were really nice. I also like to talk and work with children and I really liked my jobs especially the picture job and I think I took some great pictures. In my opinion, I also did a good job at camp and tried my best and I, of course, would try my best also next year, if I have the chance to go there again.
Taylor, Nele and I will go back in our project-class because we enjoyed our time in the class and it also was a lot of fun. Today, we were there again and we were alone because Mrs. Mierow wasn't there and we wanted to watch Robbin Hood with them but then we had a lot of problems with the projector. We tried another one but it also didn't work. In the end we found a solution to watch the movie. It was a little bit chaotic but we were able to find a solution. Next week we will go there for the last time.

5) Conclusion
All in all, I think the English Camp was a success, even though our teamwork sometimes wasn't perfect and some people did more than other people. For me, it was a success because a lot of children tried to speak English to us and also to each other. Some students from our class, who didn't talk English at all, talked in English with us in the camp, which, in the end was the intention of the camp. Also a girl, who didn't know any word in English and started to cry if we talked English to her, started to try to speak English with us and I think that this is absolutely great! For me also the camp was a success, because nothing really bad happened and because every time, we had a problem, we found a solution and were able to manage it. In my opinion, it was also a success that the food wasn't as bad as I expected. Actually, sometimes it was really good, except for the macaroni and cheese.
My highlight in the whole week was, that we also talked English to each other; also when the children weren't there like, for example, in our rooms. My other highlight was the game "capture the flag"in the water, which was so much fun, but also very exhausting and to play with the children in the water afterwards.
My only problem in the week was that I wasn't in a good mood in the morning, so nobody, especially the children, wanted to talk to me. I think I looked really annoyed and mad. So, in the future, I have to try to improve this and if I have the chance to go there next year I want to be in a good mood in the morning.☺

I hope you enjoyed my report, thanks for reading!

Jule Eggers, 10g; Monday, 20th of June 2016


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