The EurOpean debating championship – a field report


Thinking of Stuttgart reminds most of the people of Spätzle, Schwabenland and Stuttgart 21. When I think about Stuttgart, I bear about a hilly city, fun, nice people but most of all it reminds me of an amazing time at the EurOpen debating championship.

The first reaction of our coaches and my teammates was "Welcome to nerd planet" when we checked in at our hostel. Our hostel was full with young people from all over the world sitting at tables, preparing and eating at the same time. To be honest, I really liked this ''nerd planet''. I felt like it does not matter where you are from, who you are and how cool you are as long as you are friendly. Our roommate was from a German team but she was really nice as well.

Then we had our first debate. And it was not against some kind of team it was against the national team of Korea. I was really amazed by their attitude. The Koreans acted like they were robots; totally calm and ambitious, they prepared and ate at the same time, prepared until the late night and so on but even though I really looked forward to the debate. The debate itself was fun. Even if they were much more experienced we were not that bad for our first debate, and we also had fun and it was a good experience and motivation for the upcoming week.

With the following debates we gained so much experience and it was always so much fun. More than I had expected. One debate was against Israel. They were really good and more experienced than us but after the debate we talked to them and they were so friendly and nice. We met a few times with the Israel people at our hostel and it was so cool to hear something about their country and talk with them because they were really kind.
Also our last debate against England was cool. At the beginning we were a bit nervous because they are native speakers but when we first saw them all of our excitement was gone because they were so friendly and endearing.

And with all the experience we earned over the week we were so much better than in the beginning. With all our confidence and experience we had a neck-and-neck race with the English team. The debate against England brought us new friends. We started to hang out with the English team, they were from a girls school so they were only girls. Those people were some of the friendliest, funniest and hilarious people I've ever met. We had so much fun together. With all their craziness it was always funny and never boring.

Even though we did not make it to the ''break'' and the octofinals and finals we learned a lot by watching the debates. With our team we went also out for dinner and to an English movie theatre which was also absolutely amusing.

The whole week was not only a success and a step forward for our debating knowledge it also brought the whole team closer together. Now I see debating totally different than before. I could probably do it 24/7 because it was so much fun for me. I earned also a lot of confidence from the whole trip and it will definitely be remembered well.
Freya Charlotte Kubitzki, Profilklasse "Language Live" (10e)


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