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Nordic School Debating Championship 2018

Lange Nächte der Vorbereitung, tolle Debatten, interessantes Essen, ein kalter Fahrradausflug, eine schöne Location, gutes Teamwork und viel Spaß hatten wir auf dem internationalen Debattierwettbewerb „NSDC“. Erfolgreich beendeten beide Teams das Turnier mit 3 von 6 gewonnenen Debatten.

Der nachfolgende englische Artikel basiert auf dem Profiltagebuch Eintrag von Lotta Scheffel 9G. Ergänzt und zusammengefasst wurde der Bericht von Jodie Pepper, ebenfalls 9G und auch Teil des GSB Debating Jounior Teams.


We went to Copenhagen with two teams and our two Coaches, the senior team and us the junior team, by Flix Bus on Thursday (22.02). We arrived at the hostel at about 04:00pm. That evening we spent a lot of time preparing our speeches for the next day. Even though we had a lot of work to do we helped each other and it was just a nice atmosphere.

On Friday, we spent the morning with preparation again and then went to the opening ceremony at about 01:00 pm. The first round was an impromptu debate with the motion “THBT important government decisions should be made by referendum”. We were opposition and debated against some Turkish school team and won that first round. The next round was a prepared debate on if everybody should get a guaranteed universal basic income. We got the proposition side and debated against the senior team from Karls-Gymnasium Stuttgart. That debate sadly didn’t turn out so good for us, we lost. After that we went back to the hostel and again prepared for the next day working on our cases about opposition movements in Venezuela and about if prisoners should be allowed to voluntarily participate in dangerous military missions for reduced sentences till late at night.

The next day we went to the venue quite early. We debated four rounds that day. Two prepared ones and two impromptu debates. Four debates on one day is absolutely the upper limit and afterwards you’re not capable of using your brain anymore at all. The first round of the day was the prepared one on prisoners in the military. Again, we got the proposition side and discussed against the national team from Turkey. This debate definitely was one of our favorites. The girls from Turkey were really nice people and the debate turned out to be very interesting, full of interaction and most important just fun. I think all of us learned so much from this debate even though we lost it. Round four was another impromptu “THBT media reports on mass shootings do more harm than good”. On side opposition we used the anti-gun violence movement in the US after the Florida school shooting to prove that reports about mass shootings can lead to positive citizen movements. That turned out to be very successful, we won that debate. After that, we had a 90 minutes long lunch break. The next debate was the last prepared one about if the west should support opposition movements in Venezuela. They announced that we would debate against an Italian school team and that we were opposition. This debate turned out to be a very close one but sadly we still lost it. Then finally we had the last impromptu debate of the day and also for the whole tournament. We debated the motion “THBT it is legitimate for environmental activists to break the law in order of protecting the environment”. Again, and as in all of the other impromptu debates, we were proposition and won.

After this last round we had a culture evening/break night party. It’s just a little party where every team brings some typical food, drinks or sweets out of their country and everyone else is allowed to try them. You get in contact with people from the other teams and sometimes even make new friends. Another part of this evening is of course the announcement of which teams break into the semifinals. Well obviously, we didn’t break with 3 out of 6 wins, but we were still very happy about our result. Winning even three debates wasn’t something we expected in our first international tournament as the youngest team which participated. After this little party we went back to the hostel and spend the evening playing games and had some tasty food.

On Sunday, we had no debates anymore, so we did a bike tour through Copenhagen. It was extremely cold but generally nice. We went to Christiana a quarter were weed is basically legal. We didn’t stay there for a long time because of the chilly weather conditions. After that we went to a pretty, little café where we stayed till we went to the venue again to watch the finals. It was about if people who can afford it should adopt children instead of getting their own. Team proposition won that debate and as well the tournament. Generally, it was a cool debate and the atmosphere was very nice. Then, there was an award ceremony, where people got trophies and certificates. Later that evening, we went to a restaurant where we had a nice team dinner.

On Monday, we walked around the city did some sightseeing and just had a look at different shops. We took the Flix Bus back home at 03:00pm. All in all, it was a good trip. Although there were good and less good judges and some frustration, it was definitely worth it. Not only that the team spirit improved, but we also learned a lot. We’re all looking forward to our (hopefully soon) next tournament. Thanks to Mr. Kruse and Lara for that opportunity!