Europen 2018

Within in the time frame of the 8th to the 14th of November, we had the chance to attend EurOpen in Stuttgart, where 37 teams from 12 countries took part. It was very exciting considering we volunteered and took care of teams in 2016 when EurOpen took place at our school, the GSB, as it will next year in 2019 from the 14th to the 20th of November.

We started preparing about a month before the tournament. The prepared motions were: ``THBT (This house believes that…) states should not fund any search for extra-terrestrial life and habitable territories ´´ and: ``TH supports China’s expenditure in Africa´´. The motion on China’s expenditure in Africa was the topic we informed ourselves on the most. We learned a lot about this topic. That is one of great things about debating, you learn a lot, you wouldn’t learn in regular lessons. Besides the two prepared motions that we had to debate for and against, we had four Impromptus, on motions like: ``THBT celebrities should not run for elected political positions´´ or ``THW (This house would) not prosecute feminist activist groups who break the law to protect women´´. All in all, we won three of the debates. This is a huge achievement for us all. We also ended up with two of our speakers in the top hundred, Lotta Scheffel and Pauline Henkmann, and one in the EFL (English as a foreign language) ranking, Lotta Scheffel.

EurOpen2018 2EurOpen2018 1

Outside of the debates we had some fun activities as well, we visited the Mercedes-Benz Museum, watched ``Bohemian Rhapsody´´ at the cinema and went to a second hand record store, which was amazing.

There was a cultural evening as well, where we had the chance to connect to the other teams from all over the world. For example from Israel, China, Czech Republic and the USA.

We watched a USA team debate against an Israel team in the semifinals. And then the other USA team against the Israel team in the finals. Israel ended up winning the whole tournament.

All in all it was a fun tournament with a lot of fun debates and we are very excited for next year’s tournament at our school.

Ps. We will have a Christmas debate on the 17th of December, which is a Monday, at 19:00. We will debate against our Teachers, on the motion: ``THW legalize Harry Potter magic´´, with us, the students being for and the Teachers being against it. There will be live music as well as cake and snacks.

We Invite you to watch us and enjoy an evening of interesting and fun debate with us.


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